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May 30, 2023 7 min read

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How to Choose the Perfect Large Canvas Wall Art for Home

Are you looking to enhance the look of your home's interior design? Adding large canvas wall art is a perfect way to elevate the style and ambiance of your living space. But with so many options, how do you choose the perfect piece for your home? In this article, we'll guide you through the process of selecting the perfect large canvas wall art for your home, step by step.

Understanding the Importance of Large Canvas Wall Art

Before diving into the process of selecting the perfect large canvas wall art for your home, let's first understand the importance of art in your living space. Art can have a significant impact on the overall ambiance and mood of your home. It can add color, texture, and depth to a room, creating a more welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. Art can also be used to express your personality and style, making your home feel more personal and unique.

The Impact of Art on Your Living Space

Artwork can have a powerful effect on your living space. A beautiful piece of art can create a focal point, drawing the eye and creating a visual interest in a room. Art can add texture and depth, creating a more three-dimensional look to your space. It can also add pops of color or tonality, creating a more cohesive or vibrant feel to your home's ambiance.

Art can also be used to create a specific mood or atmosphere in a room. For example, a serene landscape painting can create a calming and relaxing atmosphere in a bedroom or living room. On the other hand, a bold and vibrant abstract piece can add energy and excitement to a space, such as a home office or entertainment room.

Benefits of Large Canvas Wall Art For Home

Large canvas wall art brings additional benefits to your home's interior design, particularly when compared to smaller pieces. Large canvas art can become the cornerstone of your room's ambiance, helping to anchor other design elements. It can also be used to create a sense of balance in a room, particularly when paired with other large pieces of furniture or decor.

One of the biggest benefits of large canvas wall art is its ability to create an illusion of space. In a smaller room, a large piece of art can make the space feel much bigger than it is. This is because the eye is naturally drawn to the largest object in a room, and a large canvas can become the focal point that creates the illusion of depth and space.

When it comes to selecting the perfect large canvas wall art for your home, it's important to consider the impact that art can have on your living space. Whether you're looking to create a calming oasis or a bold and vibrant entertainment room, large canvas art can help you achieve your design goals. So take the time to explore your options and find the perfect piece of art that will bring beauty and elegance to your home for years to come.

Assessing Your Home's Interior Design

The first step in choosing the perfect large canvas wall art for your home is to assess your home's interior design. Knowing your style and preferences will help you select the right piece that will blend in rather than stick out like a sore thumb in your living space. However, assessing your home's interior design involves more than just knowing your style and preferences.

One essential factor to consider is the lighting in your room. Lighting can significantly impact the way your artwork looks on the wall. If your room has a lot of natural light, you might want to choose a piece that won't reflect too much light and cause glare. On the other hand, if your room has dim lighting, you might want to choose a piece that has brighter colors to add some life to the room.

Identifying Your Design Style

When identifying your design style, consider your home's architecture, color schemes, and artwork you already have in your home. Are you more of a traditional, modern, or eclectic taste? What colors are you attracted to? And finally, are you looking to create a focal point with your artwork or have a piece that blends in seamlessly with your current design?

If you're unsure of your design style, you can take a style quiz online to help you narrow down your preferences. Once you've identified your design style, you can start looking for artwork that aligns with your taste.

Considering Color Schemes and Patterns

When choosing the perfect large canvas wall art for your home, consider the colors and patterns that already exist in your room's design. You can either choose a piece that complements the existing color scheme or uses contrasting colors that create visual interest and pop. Also, consider the patterns that exist in your home. If you have a lot of patterns, consider a solid color piece, whereas with a standalone contemporary style, geometric patterns would do the trick.

Another factor to consider when choosing colors is the mood you want to create in your room. For example, if you want a calm and relaxing atmosphere, you might want to choose artwork with cool tones such as blues and greens. On the other hand, if you want to create a vibrant and energetic atmosphere, you might want to choose artwork with warm and bright colors such as reds and oranges.

Analyzing Wall Space and Room Layout

Your wall space and room layout are also essential factors to consider when selecting the perfect large canvas wall art. Assess the available space on your walls, and decide if you want one super-sized statement piece or a set of curated galleries of different themes. Mind the room's layout, as you wouldn't want the art to clash with the room's furniture, causing visual distortion and dissonance.

You can also consider the height at which you want to hang your artwork. If you have high ceilings, you might want to hang your artwork higher to fill the space and create a grander look. However, if you have lower ceilings, you might want to hang your artwork lower to create a more intimate and cozy atmosphere.

Selecting the Right Size and Shape

The size and shape of your large canvas wall art is important, and it must fit the space and layout of your room perfectly. Indeed you do not want the art to look too small or too dominating in comparison to the room's size. A well-chosen piece of art can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room, and it's essential to get the right size and shape to achieve this.

Measuring Your Wall Space

The first step in selecting the perfect size large canvas wall art is to measure your wall space accurately. You should consider the wall's overall length, height, and clearance needed to avoid any obstructions. Using a measuring tape, measure the length and height of the wall space where you intend to hang the art piece. Write down the measurements and take them with you when you go shopping for the art.

Also, consider the surrounding features such as furniture that might affect the placement of your art piece. You want your art to complement the furniture and not clash with it.

Choosing the Ideal Dimensions

Once you know your wall measurements, it's time to choose the ideal dimensions for your large canvas wall art. You can go for different sizes and shapes; a rectangular piece could fit in a narrow wall and provide a sense of grandeur, while a circle or oval-shaped piece could create a more dynamic and organic feel. Remember, the purpose of having art is to blend in rather than clash with space.

When choosing the ideal dimensions, consider the room's purpose and the mood you want to create. For instance, a large canvas wall art with bright colors and bold patterns could work well in a living room, creating a lively and energetic atmosphere. A more subdued piece with muted colors and soft lines would be ideal for a bedroom, creating a calm and relaxing ambiance.

Exploring Various Shapes and Formats

Finally, when selecting your piece, consider the various shapes and formats of large canvas prints available. You may prefer a horizontal print to match the room's furniture layout, or maybe three or more canvas prints hung together to form a beautiful continuous piece. Vertical prints can give an elongated look to the room's ceiling, while square prints work perfectly as standalone pieces or as part of a larger gallery.

Another option you can explore is customizing your canvas wall art. Many companies offer personalized canvas prints that allow you to upload your images and have them printed on canvas. This option gives you the freedom to create a unique piece of art that reflects your personality and style.

Overall, selecting the right size and shape of large canvas wall art requires careful consideration and planning. With the right piece, you can transform your room into a beautiful and inviting space that reflects your personality and style.

Finding the Perfect Subject Matter and Style

The subject, style, and tone of the piece you choose must fit perfectly with your overall home design theme, color scheme, and your personal taste. Scouring galleries of art online or offline is the best way to find the perfect piece, rather than picking the first available option you come across, which might not fit.

Popular Art Styles for Large Canvas Wall Art

There are many popular art styles to choose from for a large canvas wall art piece, including abstract, impressionist, landscape, photography, and pop art. Each style comes with its own unique charm, and you should choose the one that best matches your theme and the room's overall vibe.

Matching Artwork to Your Personal Taste

Your personal taste is the most crucial factor to consider when selecting the perfect large canvas wall art. Ensure that you consider what makes you happy, as art is an expression of your personality and complements your lifestyle. Choosing the perfect piece is not only about creating a beautiful aesthetics for your home, but also reflects your inner self.

Incorporating a Focal Point or Theme

Finally, a piece of large canvas wall art can help you create a focal point or theme for your room, tying design elements together. Picking a movie, landscape, music scene or any object and matching that with a lively color background adds that oomph to your room.


Choosing the perfect large canvas wall art for your home takes time and effort, but the payoff can be huge in terms of creating a beautiful, welcoming, and unique living space. Understanding your design style, color schemes, room layout, and personal taste are all important factors in selecting the perfect piece. Once you have chosen your piece, it will become the cornerstone of your decor, enhancing your home's ambiance and elevating its style.

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