Golden Bull

Golden Bull Wall Street Art

In the heart of Manhattan stands a beacon, the Golden Bull, glistening under the city lights. With its fierce posture and shimmering hues, it's more than just metal—it's a testament to resilience, ambition, and the relentless spirit of the financial world...

Every curve and contour of the Golden Bull reflects the highs and lows of the stock market. Its black base contrasts with its gold demeanor, symbolizing the volatile dance between risk and reward. Yet, through thick and thin, the bull stands tall, embodying the tenacity and perseverance of traders, investors, and dreamers.

For those passionate about finance, or even those simply inspired by the determination this emblem represents, the Golden Bull is not just an art piece—it's a daily reminder of the vigor and vitality that drives the world's economy forward. It serves as both a tribute to the dynamic world of Wall Street and a call to harness its unstoppable energy.

Elevate Your Daily Mindset
Express yourself with one of a kind wall art that connects with your visions.

Hand Crafted
100% Real Pinewood - High-Quality sturdy canvas built to last a lifetime. Created using FSC certified sustainable forests.

Premium Printing
Immaculate colors, vibrancy, and details. Each canvas is inspected to ensure the highest standards are held before shipping out.

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100% customer satisfaction or money back guarantee. It's imperative to us that you're happy with your purchase!


 12 x 16 inches | Medium: 18 x 24 inches | Large: 30 x 40 inches | Massive: 40 x 60 inches

U.K/CANADA (Metric System cm conversions)

Small: 30 x 40 cm | Medium: 46 x 61 cm | Large: 76 x 102 cm | Massive: 102 x 152 cm

Gallery Depth (1.25") | Black Floating Frame (1.5")


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