Mighty Pharaoh

Mighty Pharaoh- Egyptian Art

Mighty Pharaoh stands as a regal tribute to the enduring legacy of Egypt's ancient rulers, embodying the mystique and grandeur of a civilization that has captivated the human imagination for millennia. This exquisite piece of Pharaoh art serves not just as a decorative element but as a gateway to the past, inviting viewers to explore the rich tapestry of Egyptian mythology and history. ...

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this painting of a pharaoh brings to life the opulence and power of Egypt's most iconic figures. The artwork, set against a backdrop that evokes the timeless majesty of the Nile and the pyramids, is a celebration of the pharaoh's pivotal role in shaping the destiny of a civilization. Each stroke and color choice in this pharaoh canvas art is a homage to the artistry and spiritual depth of ancient Egypt.

Whether you are an aficionado of historical art or simply seeking a piece that adds a touch of intrigue and sophistication to your space, Mighty Pharaoh Egyptian Art is an unparalleled choice. It promises not only to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your collection but also to inspire awe and reflection on the enduring legacy of the pharaohs and their impact on world history.

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100% Real Pinewood - High-Quality sturdy canvas built to last a lifetime. Created using FSC certified sustainable forests.

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 12 x 16 inches | Medium: 18 x 24 inches | Large: 30 x 40 inches | Massive: 40 x 60 inches

U.K/CANADA (Metric System cm conversions)

Small: 30 x 40 cm | Medium: 46 x 61 cm | Large: 76 x 102 cm | Massive: 102 x 152 cm

Gallery Depth (1.25") | Black Floating Frame (1.5")


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