Bull and Bear Duo

Bull and Bear Duo- Wall Street Office Decor

Denise Cousineau brings the venerable symbols of financial markets to life with her striking oil paintings of a Bull and Bear, capturing the dynamic essence of Wall Street's fluctuating energies. Each brushstroke imbues these majestic creatures with a sense of depth and movement, reflecting the fierce optimism of the bull and the cautious power of the bear.

Perfect for adorning a Wall Street office, these paintings not only embody the spirit of financial ebbs and flows but also serve as sophisticated focal points that exude ambition and resilience.

The Bull and the Bear canvas are each 22" x 28" before framing. The stained dark chocolate frame adds an extra ~1.5 inches of width to each canvas.


Artwork by: Denise Cousineau

Each canvas is 22" x 28" before framing, which adds an extra ~1.5 inches of width to each canvas.

The frame is a high-quality Larson-Juhl hardwood frame style number: 533517 11/2022 (220722049) Stained dark chocolate with subtle hints of redwood. 


Printed by our production partner in the USA (6 Locations), CANADA, ITALY, OR AUSTRALIA, a location that is nearest to you.

Delivery Timeframe

US: 7-14 Business days

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