Hidden Tiger

Hidden Tiger- Stalking Tiger Art

Hidden Tiger embodies the breathtaking beauty and raw power of nature's most majestic predator. This captivating piece of tiger artwork draws you into a serene yet vibrant scene where the essence of the wild is forever immortalized. ...

Set against a backdrop that whispers the untold stories of the jungle, this hunting tiger is depicted with meticulous attention to detail, capturing every stripe and muscle in a moment of silent anticipation. It’s a powerful representation of both the tiger’s majestic presence and the tranquil beauty of its natural habitat, making it an exceptional choice for anyone looking to bring a piece of the wild into their home or office.

As a standout piece of tiger wall art, "Hidden Tiger - Stalking Tiger" serves not only as a stunning decorative element but also as a tribute to the beauty and resilience of these magnificent creatures. It’s perfect for nature enthusiasts, wildlife admirers, and art collectors alike, offering a daily glimpse into the captivating and mysterious world of the tiger. This artwork promises to be a conversation starter, evoking feelings of awe and respect for nature's unparalleled beauty.

Elevate Your Daily Mindset Express yourself with one of a kind wall art that connects with your visions.

Hand Crafted 100%Real Pinewood - High-Quality sturdy canvas built to last a lifetime. Created using FSC certified sustainable forests.

Premium Printing Immaculate colors, vibrancy, and details. Each canvas is inspected to ensure the highest standards are held before shipping out.

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Gallery Depth 1.25" (No Frame)

Black Floating Frame (1.5")


Small: 12 x 16 inches| Medium: 18 x 24 inches| Large: 30 x 40 inches| Massive: 40 x 60 inches

U.K/CANADA (Metric System cm conversions)

Small: 30 x 40 cm| Medium: 46 x 61 cm| Large: 76 x 102 cm| Massive: 102 x 152 cm


Printed by our production partner in the USA (6 Locations), CANADA, ITALY, OR AUSTRALIA, a location that is nearest to you.

Delivery Timeframe

US: 7-14 Business days

Canada & Europe: 8-14 Business Days

Rest of the World: 12 - 18 Business Days